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Список терминалов ООО «Центр обработки платежей»

№ п/п Адрес терминала
1 г.Раменское, Гурьева,27, ТЦ «Антей»
2 Раменский район, п. Электроизолятор, д.55, Гжельское ПТОКХ
3 г.Раменское, Михалевича,39, ТЦ «Авиатор"
4 г.Раменское, Приборостроителей,6, м-н «Продукты»ООО «Рико-сервис»
5 Раменский район, д. Кузяево, ЖЭУ Гжельское ПТОКХ
6 Раменский район, с. Речицы, Совхозная, ЖЭУ Гжельское ПТОКХ
7 г.Раменское,Левашова,12, ОАО «Мособлгаз» «Рменскоемежарайгаз»
8 Раменский район, с. Игумново, Дружбы,6, м-н «Продукты» ООО "Белана"
9 г.Раменское,Гурьева,7,АТС
10 г.Раменское, Красноармейская,15а, м-н Дикси
11 г.Раменское,Михалевича,43 Поликлиника РПЗ
12 г. Раменское, Гурьева,11а Рамнет
13 Раменское, Михалевича,5 Т-Ц Раменское
14 Быково,Праволинейная,32/1, Магазин
15 г.Люберцы,Котельническая,14 Раменскоемежрайгаз
16 г. Раменское, Десантная,17 Бытовые услуги
17 п. Быково, Советская,1 ТЦ Быково
18 г.Раменское,Коммунистическая,20А Кристалл
19 г. Раменское, Крымская,1 Мясопродукты
20 г. Раменское, Приборостроителей,1а, Зеленая околица
21 г. Раменское, Красноармейская, 23а, Империя
22 г.Раменское, ул.Михалевича,39, м-н Раменские мясопродукты
23 г.Раменское, Махова,6, МУП Раменское ПТОГХ
24 г.Раменское, Михалевича,72 Азбука вкуса
25 г.Раменское п.Совхоз,Центральная,10 аптека Фармакон
26 п. Дружба, Ленина,2 ЖЭУ
27 Раменское,Михалевича,96, м-н Юлия
28 Раменское, Космонавтов 40Г ТЦ Пирамида
29 Раменское, Михалевича,39,РПЗ
30 г. Раменское, Чугунова, 18б (Уличный)
31 Сафоново,Шоссейная,8 м-н
32 Раменское,Михалевича,39 т-ц Авиатор
33 г.Раменское,Дергаевская,36 Альфа
34 г.Раменское,Советская,16,Аист
35 г.Раменское,Дубовая роща, ЖЭУ Новая,6
36 г.Раменское,Гурьева,12 ТРИО
37 г.Раменское,Коммунистическая,35 Альфа-маркет
38 г.Раменское,Махова,14 ЦРБ
39 г.Раменское,Куйбышева,14 ТЦ Апельсин
40 г. Раменское, Красноармейская,25а, Стройматериалы
41 г.Раменское,Донинское шоссе,4 Околица
42 Раменское,Красноармейская,13А ТЦ Кристалл
43 Раменский район,п. Ильинский,Ленина,38, ПТОКХ
44 г. Раменское, Чугунова,43 Аптека
45 Раменское,Чугунова,11/1,Аптека Золотая рыбка
46 Раменское,Приборостроителей,16а, м-н Раменские деликатесы


It'll be interesting to see how coach Todd Bowles sets his quarterback rotation for the coming week. Quite honestly, Petty deserves a bump in his practice reps. The Forgotten Man played a solid game, leading the offense to a pair of field goals. Darrelle Revis JerseysPetty (15-for-24, 160 yards) did it against third stringers -- he has starred in that show in the past -- but at least he got the offense moving. Bowles said, "He made some good throws, some good decisions, but we have to put the ball in the end zone." If nothing else, Petty probably secured a roster spot. Maybe there should be a battle for the No. 2 spot, with Petty and Christian Hackenberg.

OLB Corey Lemonier: For the second straight week, Leonard Williams Jerseysa backup linebacker made our "three up" list. Lemonier, battling for a roster spot, had a sack and an interception while playing on the second-team defense. Jordan Jenkins looks to have locked up one outside-linebacker spot, but the other side appears open. Lorenzo Mauldin's injury has created opportunities for players like Lemonier and Josh Martin, who had another sack.

QB Josh McCown: He didn't play, Matt Forte Jerseysbut he still managed to pull away in the so-called quarterback competition. The more he sits, the more entrenched he becomes. Such is life on the Jets. McCown has played only one series in the preseason, so he figures to see a lot of action next week against the New York Giants. Asked if it's reasonable to assume McCown will be the Week 1 starter, Bowles said, "Not at this point." He can be coy, but we know how this will turn out. Bowles tried to protect his young quarterback, saying, "It's not a fair evaluation of the kid because he didn't get a chance on a couple of passes." Hackenberg was sacked twice, Eric Decker Jerseysincluding once by an unblocked rusher, Brandon Marshall Jerseysbut a review of the tape shows he had no pressure on his six pass attempts. He completed only two for 14 yards. Bowles called out the pass protection, but sometimes it's not all on the offensive line. The quarterback has to read a blitz. On the first sack, a bone-jarring hit, the Lions had six men at the line and the Jets had only five blockers. Hackenberg didn't recognize the six-man rush and got pulverized. He called his performance "a good learning experience."